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          About us
          General Information

          Tongji Zhejiang College, authorized by the State Ministry of Education, is an independent college of Tongji University for full-time undergraduate education operated in line with the new state mechanism and the new mode of operation.

          Tongji Zhejiang College, located at No.168, Commerce Ave. is situated in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. Jiaxing seated at the heartland of Yangtze delta on the southeast coast, is adjacent to Shanghai on the east, Suzhou on the north, Hangzhou on the west, and Hangzhou Bay on the south. It is known as the “Land of Fish and Rice, and State of Civilization”. Tongji Zhejiang College, covering an area of 6 million Square Feet, lies in the south of the city, with a distance of approximately 3 kilometers to the city government and a distance of about 100 kilometers to Shanghai.


          Tongji Zhejiang College, with an objective of being a cradle of creative and excellent engineers, acts in accordance with Tongji University’s three-in-one education philosophy of “Knowledge, Ability and Personality”. As to the standards of talent training, Tongji Zhejiang College emphasizes on the cultivation of the practice-oriented talents with professional skills. In respect of syllabus layout and course arrangement, it attaches great importance to the development of students’ creativity and the improvement of their practical ability. Graduates will thus be able to quickly adapt themselves to the actual technical work related to their majors.


          Currently there are more than 9,500 full-time undergraduates in Tongji Zhejiang College. Every year, it will recruit undergraduate students from 20 provinces (cities) nationwide.


          Tongji Zhejiang College currently offers 30 majors, with over 600 employed staff members every year, over 60% of them have master’s degree and doctor’s degree. The 30 undergraduate programs are as following:


          Civil Engineering; Traffic Engineering; Transportation; Medical Imaging Technique; Building Environment and Facilities Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Water Supply and Sewage Engineering; Architecture; Materials Science and Engineering; Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation; Automobile; Electrical engineering and automation; Computer science and Technology; Automation; Electronic Information Engineering; Communication Engineering; English; German; Business Administration; Marketing; Financial management; Auditing; Accounting; International Economy and Trade; Finance; Administrative Management;Rail Transit Signal and Control; Building Electricity Intelligence; Automobile Support Engineering; Gemmology and Materials Technology.

          © Tongji Zhejiang College All Rights Reserved. ADD:No.168,Business Road,Zhejiang TEL:0573-82878000 E-mail:zjxy@tjzj.edu.cn