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          Tongji Zhejiang College’s committee of the Communist Youth League of China was officially founded in October 2008.  It firmly upholds Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" and other important ideas, carrying out an in-depth study and practice of implementing the scientific concept of development, following and implementing the Party's education principles and policies as well. It represents and safeguards League members’rights and interests in a wholehearted way. Now there are over 6400 League members from different years, majors, and working posts in the college. With improving the students’ overall quality and encouraging them to make contributions to the development of the college as its core work, the committee devotes to ideological and political education, social practice, science and technology innovation practice, campus cultural activities, and protection of students’ rights and interests.

           The committee has Organization Department and Publicity Department. Meanwhile, the Youth Volunteer Service Corps and Association of Student Societies also carry out work under the guidance of the committee.

          Responsibilities of the Two Departments

            I. Organization Department

          1. Strengthen ideological and political education to the committee’s and Student Union’s cadres, and assess and supervise them; guide the League branches of all classes in carrying out routine work, and arrange their weekly duty of raising the national flag.

          2. Take charge of collecting Youth League fees, registering and re-registering League membership certificate, transiting the membership from the League to the Party for freshmen and graduates, and annually reporting League members’ information.

          3. Assist in the recommendation of excellent League members; give guidance to the issues that may occur when students are admitted as the League members; cooperate with the college to prepare for the courses of the Party school.


            II. Publicity Department

          The Publicity Department consists of advertisement planning team, technical team, radio station, and journalist group.  

          1. Take charge of updating information on bulletin boards; assess and manage commissaries in charge of publicity of all classes.

          2. Take charge of poster facture in accordance with the committee’s and Student Union’s activities, taking photos and videos.

          3. Carry out daily broadcasting to make students get information in a better and faster way.

          4. Actively publicize student’s activities on and off the campus.

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