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          German Activity-oriented Teaching introduced to Sino-German Center's class

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2016-04-01


          On Mar.26, an intercultural class called "Rhetorik und Pr?sentation" was held by the Professor Christian Gerhard from University of Hamburg and German teacher Mr. Chen Lai from Inner Mongolia University of Technologe in Sino German center. Mr. Wang Kun from Sino-German center attended this class as well.

          Three teachers prepared the teaching design according to the traditional teaching mode of Activity-Oriented Teaching in Germany, focusing on stimulating the participation and team work ability of the students in the class. All the students' seats were adjusted to U direction, in order to promote interaction between the teachers and the students. The three teachers worked together to offer a different class, which impressed the students  a lot. Though they were not very adapted to such classes at first, they joined with a lot of fun during the class gradually.

          After one day's learning in this special class for the students in German-Center, they now got some ideas about German teaching. This will help them for their future study in Germany. It's a meaningful and sucessful try by the Sino-German center, and more new tries on teaching and learning are expected by the students and teachers.



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