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          Jens willkommen

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2016-04-06

          Jens Willkommen-


          Name: Jens willkommen

          Place of Birth: Frankfurt am Main

          Date of Birth: Apr.28, 1985



          1991-1995    Elementary School in Wiesbaden

          1995-2004    Secondary School in Wiesbaden, University-entrance diploma


          Military Service:

          2004.10-2006.08  basic training, then Medical Corps Soldier in army medical center in Merzig



          2006.10-2008.-09  Law in Jena

          2008.10-2009.09  Political Science and Law in Jena

          2009.10-2012.09  Bachelor of Art History and Philosophy in Jena

          2012.10-2015.09  Master of Art History


          Work Experience:

          2010.10-2010.12 Editor of Gombel in Akrutzel, the college newspaper at the University of Jena

          2011.09-2011.10 Internship at the Nassau art association in Wiesbaden

          2012.01-2012.03 Internship in the archives of Carl Zeiss in Jena

          2012.04-2015.09 Student trainee in the archives of Carl Zeiss in Jena

          2012.04-2012.09 Fitness warden of the University Sports Association in Jena

          2012.08             Participant of the Summver Study School of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology in Hangzhou

          2013.07-2015.09 General secretary of the Association of Chinese Students and Scientists in Jena e.V. in charge of organizing and     carrying out various projects

          2014.04-2014.07  Internship at the Foreign Language University in Dalian



          Foreign languages: English, French, Chinese

          Computer skills: familiar with datebases, word processing and image editing software

          Hobbies: board and cargames



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