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          Science Popularization of Geology

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2016-04-21

          Students and teachers from department of Economics and Management of Tongji Zhejiang College carried out abudant activities to be in honor of the 47th Earth Day, together with Zhejiang Geological Society and Zhejiang East Geological Museum on Apr.16.


          Early in the morning, the young volunteers gathered in Zhejiang East Geological Museum to join an activity. There were two parts in this activity including geology knowledge contest and scenario simulation explanation.The participators were seperated in two groups. After two rounds of questions and answers,the contest became white-hot. The two groups made detailed statement about the gems hall and ancient animal fossils hall which was the examination for the volunteers' daily job. Such contest not only checked their knowledge, but also brought interet to this activity.


          In the afternoon, a lecture called " Exploration in the deep sea-to be in honor of the 47th Earth Day" was held in Tongji Zhejiang College. Han Xiqiu, the director of the submarine science laboratory of the second Ocean Institute of State Oceanic Administration who was also the first female scientist was invited to give this lecture. The deputy Secretary General of  Zhejiang Geological Scoiety Niying, Deputy director of the submarine science laboratory of State Oceanic Administration Yan Shengxian, and Secretary of Zhejiang Geological Scoiety Shi Linquan etc. were also present at this lecture.

          Han Xiqiu described the significance of the research work she had been taking first, then lots of marine knowledge was passed, from the tectonic plates to the process of sedimentation and subduction etc.. which impressed all the teacher and students a lot and gave them a completely new recognition about the sea. Apart from those, she also shared her experience about 20 years' oceanic research. She had participated in 5 times of international scientific exploration and 9 times of organization of China State oceanic voyage, reaching throughout the three large oceans, Mexico Bay, Continental margin of Centeral America and The South China Sea.

          At the end of this lecture, Ms.Han Xiqiu raised expectations and suggestions to the students. She hoped that all the students could keep curiosity for everything and achieved success after persistent efforts.


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