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          Professional Tutorial System started in department of Civil engineering

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2016-09-15


          At the beginning of this semester, students of grade 2013 from major of Water Supply and Sewage had an special class. They left the textbooks behind, transferring to the outside class from the library gate to the roller shutter door, from the fire hydrant to the escapeway. Those contents in the PPT shown in the naomal classes were displayed onsite and could be felt and seen through the explanation by Mr. Lan Weiping. This was an easier way to pass these knowledge to the students.

          Mr. Lan Weiping explained to the students about all the professional knowledge, as well as guiding the students to think about the connection between the library facilities and the theory knowledge relating to water supply and sewage. In such classes, students were much more clear about the theory and practical application and they could understand and digest what they’ve learnt in these classes.

          In fact, Mr. Lan weiping was not only the teacher to teach classes of Water Supply and Sewage, but also the professional tutor of Water Supply and Sewage for students of grade 2015. In order to give support to the teaching reform in Tongji Zhejiang College and guide the students to be selective to learn, the professional tutorial system was adopted by the department of Civil Engineering which was a new move in the innovation talents cultivation. Professional tutor, were those who could make full use of their advantage of their professional fields to plan for students’ course arrangements, specialties learning and cultivation for innovation abilities. They could provide guidance and support to cultivation of excellent engineers and highly qualified technology applied talents. Some students were very satisfied with such arrangements as they were glad that professional tutors could help them to know more about their major and help them to be adopted to the social requirements in a specific time. Other students said that they were quite happy that they could obtain guidance and help from the professional tutors in their senior grades as they might meet more difficulties during the study time. They hoped that with the help of these tutors, they could get a much more clear idea and direction for their future career before they step in this society.

          Up to now, alll the majors in the department of Civil Engineering were equipped with professional tutors. Among them 80% were associate professors or professors. Mr. Lan Weiping said that as a professional tutor, he would refuse to act as a baby-sitter, but would focus on direction and guidance. What made it different with the counsellors or the class teachers was that they would pay much attention to the cultivation of professional ability and thoughts and exploration of their interest and advantage. For sure, this would be a more difficult task for these professional tutors.

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