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          Campus Activities

          The Fourth Sakura Festival was open to the public, greatly impressed visitors

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2019-04-01

          From March 30th to 31st, 2019, Tongji Zhejiang College opened the 4th Sakura Festival, warmly welcoming the visitors to enjoy the beautiful spring landscape on the campus. According to the statistics of the College’s Security Department, the flow of people broke through 90,000 in two days, creating a new high in the open days. TZC has become an online hit during the past week.




          In order to offer special care and feeling to the citizens, our college has made more careful and full planning for this Sakura Festival. The "Sakura Night" light show was open for the first time. In addition, in order to support the launch of the Sakura Festival, all the departments of the college have cooperated to carry out 16 activities simultaneously, such as the library's "Zhejiang people's style series exhibition –Mr. Qi Zhenye's modern origami imitation works exhibition", and the Foreign Language Department's "Relax" Yourself" English Corner, and the Sakura bookmarks and handicrafts from the Party Branch of the Civil Engineering Department.

          Last year, the college gained the reputation of “Sakura University”. This year, the college was crowned the “most fashionable university” and “the most literary university” by the citizens.

          The citizens quickly brought their own photographers.



          In the two days, at least ten UAVs were hovering on campus.


          The beauty of the "Sakura Night" light show highly impressed the visitors, teachers and students.


          Many painting clubs directly “moved” the two-day class on the weekend to our college.


          Photographers were attracted to take pictures.


          Clubs in TZC provided rich and colorful activities and performances to the visitors.





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