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          Campus Activities

          The 6th TZC's Structural Design Competition was held, ready for provincial competition

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2019-04-02

          The 6th Structural Design Competition of Tongji Zhejiang College and the Qualification Contest of the 18th College Students Structural Design Competition in Zhejiang Province was held from March 30th to 31st, 2019. 37 groups of students from different majors including Civil Engineering, Materials Science and Environmental Engineering participated in the competition.


          The subject of this competition is “Transmission Tower Structure Design and Model Making”. Compared with previous years, this year's competition has two new points: "Different load application forms" and "Different structure forms." In addition, "assembly" is the main feature of this year's competition. Teacher Li Hong said that “assembly of components, setting of loading points and reliability calculation of the overall structure” are all challenging and difficult aspects.


          After two days of intense model structure production, loading test and defense, Yu Jun’s work “Yida Tower” won the special prize with a high score of 97.20. The “steady transmission tower” of Zhao Haiye Group and the “Northern Pearl” of Bairui Group received the first prize respectively.


          "I hope that you will be inspired by the competition, carefully observe the various 'structures' around you, improve your theoretical level, and think about the structure of the game and the actual life to deepen the understanding of knowledge." Dean of the Department of Civil Engineering Chen Lu gave a speech at the closing ceremony. The 39 teams of players gained their new knowledge through the competition. At the same time, the provincial competition is coming soon in May. All the winning teams will concentrate on refining their entry works and strive for new breakthroughs.



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