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          Campus Activities

          Sakura Charity Sale was launched to help the children in mountainous area

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2019-04-10

          Continuing the lingering warmth of the Fourth Sakura Festival, the college's Youth League Committee ran a Sakura Charity Sale along the Sakura Avenue on April 9, 2019. The charity sale sold the students' handmade DIY Sakura mobile phone shell and postcards.


          On the day of the bazaar, many students booked their favorite "mobile phone shells" in advance through WeChat, and many of them selected favorite phone shells and postcards on site.

          In addition to regular sequins, there were Sakura petals and purple quicksand. Crystal-like flowing particles are melted into the phone shells. Different levels of the same color are glittering and sequined together.


          It is known that Tongji Zhejiang College has been helping poor children in mountainous areas for many years. The profits from this charity sale will be donated to the children for their daily necessities. “This event sets up a platform to experience the campus culture of TZC, and passes warmth to the people who need help.” Student Zheng Chenlu said.

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