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          Campus Activities

          The 4th “Huazi” Cup Jiaxing Construction Structure Design Competition was held in Tongji Zhejiang College

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2019-04-26

          The 4th “Huazi” Cup Jiaxing Construction Structure Design Competition was held in Tongji Zhejiang College from April 19th to April 21st, t. 23 representatives from Jiaxing University, Nanhu College of Jiaxing University, Tongji Zhejiang College, Jiaxing Vocational and Technical College, Jiaxing Nanyang Vocational and Technical College, Jiaxing Construction Industry School, Zhejiang Hongzheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Lien Engineering Design Consulting Co., Ltd took part in this competition.


          In this competition, the organizing committee provided a piece of bamboo, 3 bottles of glue, 4 cotton wax line, 105 pieces of bamboo strips in 3 specifications, 1 model mounting base plate, and some tools. The players would use the above given materials. Around the proposition of "transmission tower structure design and model making", the first eight-hour on-site model production was carried out, and then entered the most exciting main event - model loading.


          The judges conducted a comprehensive evaluation based on five aspects: theoretical plan, structural system, model making, presentation and defense, and loading test. They highly praised the players in this competition as its performance level exceeded the previous years in terms of innovation. In particular, it was also found that some teams also added manual algorithms, which was worthy of recognition. In the end, the “Yida Tower” team of Tongji Zhejiang College won the Outstanding Prize and the Best Creative prize.





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