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          Recruitment Advertisement for Specialized Teachers in Sino-Germany School Zhejiang Department in Tongji University

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2013-01-19

          According to the teaching need, Sino-Germany Shool of Zhejiang Department is recruiting two specialized teachers,they must be qualified as follows:

          1.Recruiting job: a specialized teacher majored in medical electronic image equipment; a specialized teacher majored in business management
          2.Basic requirement for the applicant:

          1)Patriotic, supporting socialism and obeying laws;A good career morality, personal qualification and good health.

          2)A PhD degree or professional title of associational professor or higher than associational professor.

          3)Good foreign language competence in English or German.

          4)Familiar with management work in university with a good ability in organizing and coordinating and administration.

          3. Process of recruitment: 

          1)The applicant makes a phone call to human-resource department of Zhejiang Department, Tongji University.

          2)After preliminary test, the qualified candidates will take part in the public interview organized by recruitment group made up of professors in Sino-Germany school.

          3)The candidates that have passed the interview will be officially employed after 6-month probation period and examination.

          4.Salary and welfare The employee will be treated favorably.The salary will be discussed in personal interview.

          5.How to apply:

          Address: Human-resource department of Zhejiang Department, Tongji University,168 Business Avenue, Jiaxing city
          Tel:82878599 82878006
          Linkman:Teacher Wang and teacher Zhao Postcode:314051
          E-mail: weizidu@#edu.cn jxzhaojing@sina.com

          Human-resource department of Zhejiang Department, Tongji University 2013.1.9 Tongj

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