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          Recruitment Advertisement for High-level Talents

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2013-01-19

          Zhejiang Department of Tongji University was established with the official approval of National Ministry of Education. As an independent department of full-time bachelor degree, it is located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. After several years of establishment and development, the department has set civil engineering and other majors, with about 9,300 undergraduates. It is equipped with advanced laboratories and educational facilities, which covers and area of over 380,000 sq m.To drive the development of majors and improve teaching quality, PhD graduates and specialized candidates with professional title of associational professor are welcomed to apply for the jobs and meet the human resource need of different majors.

          Supported by the comprehensive educational advantage of Tongji University, Zhejiang Department has set 26 majors including civil engineering, transport engineering, transportation, architectural environment and plant engineering, environmental engineering, plumbing work, architecture, material science and engineering, machine design and automation(automobile), electrical engineering and automation, electrical engineering and automation(computer science and technology),automation, electronic information engineering ( Communication Engineering ), electrical engineering and automation ( medical imaging technology ), business administration, business management ( Marketing ), accounting, business management ( Financial Management ), Business Administration ( AUDIT ), international economy and trade, international economy and trade ( Finance ), administrative management, English,German.

          1. Basic requirement

          1) Outstanding doctor

          2) With high-level academic performance and specialized candidate with professional title higher than associational professor(under 50 years old)

          3) Retired candidate with professional title higher than associational professor can apply for part-time job

          The applicants that meet the above three requirements should have the corresponding major with this department.

          2. Relevant treatment

          1)Import and settle professor, associate professor, outstanding PhD graduate to Jiaxing. Provide no more than 500,000 yuan settling-in allowance and housing allowance; Provide relevant scientific research funds.

          2) Import Changjiang Scholars and provide the special allowance of State Council and other allowance of the university.

          3)Outstanding PhD graduates enjoy the same allowance of associate professor in our department.

          3. Procedure of recruitment

          1) Materials:

          Resume of your studying and working experience; Copy of ID card,academic certification,diploma and certification of professional title.

          Telephone, address, postcode and e-mail address,etc.

          2.How to apply

          Please send your materials to Human-resource department of Zhejiang Department personally or by mail. Welcome to visit our department and discuss on the job. The qualified applicant will be informed to take part in the interview.

          Telephone:0573-82878013 Teacher Lei 0573-82878006 Teacher Zhao

          Address: Human-resource department of Zhejiang Department, Tongji University,168 Business Avenue, Jiaxing

          city Postcode:314051

          Zhejiang Department of Tongji University 2012.11.15

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