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    Recruitment notice for Master program 2018 of Kyung Hee University

    Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2017-10-09


    Attn: All teaching units in TZC

    The master program 2018 of KyungHeeUniversityfor recommended students has been started. Please pass this notice to the students of grade 2014 and ask those who are interested in this program to send their applications to International Programs Office.

    1. Students to be recommendedAdmission in year 2014

    2. Application requirements

    No failed course

    No cheat in examinations or prohibited behaviors

    3. Deadline for applicationMar.20, 2018

    4. Please go to room D414 (International Programs Office) for more information.

    Contact: Ms. Chen

    Tel0573-8287 8088  E-mailtzcinternational@126.com



    International Programs Office

    9th October, 2017

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