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          Summer school recruitment notice for University of Illinois

          Author:ZJTJ   Publish:2018-03-14

          The China Executive Leadership Programs would like to invite you to study this summer at the world-famous University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Uni-versity of Illinoisis consistently ranked as one of the top public universities in theUnited Statesand in the world, and the University of Illinois College of Business also proudly boasts a top-ranked undergraduate accounting program in the U.S.and a highly competitive finance program.

          There are three programs in this summer for all the international students. Among them are Economics Summer School, Accounting and Finance Summer School and Information Science and Engineering Summer School. There will be classroom study, cultural visits and group tour with a CELP chaperone which is optional for the students.


          1. Application qualification: relative majors with the three mentioned programs.

          2. Study time:

             Jul.14 to Aug.04for Economics Summer School,

             Jul.28 to Aug. 18 for Accounting and Finance Summer School

             Jul.21 to Aug.11 for Information Science and Engineering Summer School

          3. Cost: USD 3,930 for Economics Summer School, and USD4,590 for Accounting and Finance and Information Science and       Engineering Summer School (not including the international airfare, health insurence,visa fees, personal expense or travel fee)

          1. Deadline for applicationApr.10, 2018

          2. Please go to room D210 (International Programs Office) for more information.

          Contact: Ms. Chen

          Tel0573-8287 8088  E-mailtzcinternational@126.com


          International Programs Office

             11th March, 2018

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